You can cross state road 61 in direction of Augustow without stopping. And you can lose a lot. And just take a right in the center of Serock to find out that there are places on earth, which fit into the memory, as? our?.

historical documents can be found such names today Serock: Syrozch (1065), Syroczec (1425.1426), Seroczec (1576). In the Middle Ages it was called Szyroczec, from the adjective? Szyroki? (wide)? defined the common name of a broad trough of underlying runoff Bug and Narew. For the first time Serock was mentioned in the so-called., Forgery mogileńskim in 1065

Serock focal point of the city, is a medieval town with its preserved historic urban layout and pavement. Nearby, in the picturesque walking route is a stronghold? witness history and its first Serocka residents. Serock received city rights in 1417 at the hands of Prince Janusz I. Life in the then Serock flourished until the Swedish wars in the seventeenth century. In the years 1807 - 1808, given the strategic importance of the place, Napoleon ordered to fortify Serock with Modlin and Prague. In 1809 (previously in 1794) and later in 1831 Serock was in the range of the struggle for the capital.

After the January Uprising, the repressive occupation authorities, Serock lost his city rights and regained it again in 1923, the Second World War brought the almost complete destruction of the city, during the first Polish-Nazi struggle in 1939 , then during the fighting on the beachhead pułtusko - Serocki in 1944
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